“Of the majority of images and video to be coming from Iraq right now, SALAAM DUNK stands aside from the pack... While lighter fare than we’ve seen coming out of the Middle East recently, SALAAM DUNK is not a work to be dismissed.”
- INDIEWIRE http://blogs.indiewire....life_in_iraq/

“The film captures their love for one another and for the game. It's a purity that leads them to shoot free throws in the rain, or run layup drills at a hoop in the middle of nowhere. They don't play for fame, scholarships, or money; they play because they can.”
- ESPN http://espn.go...-find-refuge_basketball

"Salaam Dunk is a story about basketball but also friendship, the resilience of youth and a glimmer of hope for Iraq, or at least Kurdistan... What makes this story so compelling is a bit of the flavor of Jafar Panahi's Offside -- which felt like an obvious inspiration particularly during the bus trips to their off-campus games -- coupled with the filmmaker's obvious passion for the game and what it represents to the AUIS women's basketball team. All topped by an infectious soundtrack guaranteed to get feet tapping."
- HUFFINGTON POST http://huffingtonpost...1587804.html

“The jokey title is just about the only thing that's questionable about David Fine's SALAAM DUNK, which offers a sweet, insightful glance at young Iraqi life from the unusual focal point of a women's college basketball team.”
- VARIETY http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117945568/

"A Gold Plaque goes to SALAAM DUNK (US/Iraq). This documentary delivers an extraordinary level of access to the emotions of these courageous young Iraqi women who formed a basketball team at the American University of Iraq."
- (AWARDS) CHICAGO FILM FESTIVAL http://chicagofilm...-world-is-watching

"When it comes to the #1 inspirational film of the (LA Film) Fest, look no further than SALAAM DUNK. When it comes to my final #1 Must See Film of the Fest, look no further than SALAAM DUNK."
- MOVIE SHARK http://movieshark... editid1=568

"The film does a good job of portraying the individuals on the team and showing how the team progresses as a whole. It could have felt disjointed but the director DAVID FINE did a great job weaving both threads into a fascinating story of an underdog team triumphing despite social and cultural adversity."
- DAEMONS MOVIES http://www.daemonsm...salaam-dunk/

"Sometimes, it’s the simple things that we take for granted that can become the subjects of powerful films when told through the eyes of people a half a world away."
- FILM SLATE MAGAZINE http://www.films...film-festival

“FINE takes us inside the war-torn country in a way that many Iraq documentaries don’t — into the history and geography of the region, yes, but also into the homes and lives of these young women and their families.” “FINE and cinematographer SAN SARAVAN find beauty in both the northern Iraq countryside and on the court, composing pastel-colored shots as exquisite as watercolor paintings. Likewise, they capture rich, golden light illuminating the women’s faces during a particularly contemplative moment — just lovely. More impressively, FINE, who also edited, creates drama and tension during game play despite limited camera angles. Through crafty editing, fast and slow motion and judicious flashbacks, he infuses as much excitement and emotion in these scenes as any slick sports special.”
- MOVING PICTURES http://www.movingpict...review/

“FINE packs a great deal of storytelling into 84 minutes, as SALAAM DUNK is simultaneously the story of a group of young women searching for identity, the bond between an inspirational coach and a devoted team, and a country trying to move beyond a tragic past.”
- TONIGHT AT THE MOVIES http://tonight...11726

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