DAVID FINE - director / editor
David has worked in the film and television industry in a variety of disciplines (Camera Operator, Editor, Post Production Supervisor). After co-founding Seedwell, David has been directing the company's viral & commercial work. He loves shooting documentaries and pulling down rebounds. Salaam Dunk is David's first feature film.

BEAU LEWIS - producer
Beau's core focus is forging relationships, strategic partnerships, and cultivating creative opportunities for content development at Seedwell Films. Lewis is a passionate spokesman for emerging media - he enjoys applying his imagination and technical background to dream up new ways of telling stories. He has a BS in Engineering from Stanford University and a focus in International Relations from Oxford.

SAN SARAVAN - director of photography
San is a Kurdish-Iraqi filmmaker who has been involved in productions throughout Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Most recently, San worked as a Producer/Director for the Institute for War & Peace Reporting. He speaks Kurdish, Arabic and English, plus a bit of Farsi, Turcoman and Turkish. San's 15 year filmmaking career has taken him to every corner of Iraq.